About me

I’m Hannah Brosch,

* millennial

* German

* freelance editor and translator

* literature and culture critic (M.A.)

* hobby writer

* bookworm

* fangirl

* feminist

* fantasist


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hello Hannah,

    I am a final year English undergrad at swansea University- coincidentally, I am currently working on an essay for the module ‘Wales: singular noun, plural experience’, and whilst doing a bit of online research I happened upon your blog post discussing the work of R.S. Thomas and Emyr Humphreys, which I believe you actually wrote for this particular module at my university. Such a small world! I’d like to cite some of your work, if you’d be happy for me to do so. I enjoyed reading your essay.

    Thanks a lot!
    Beth 🙂

    • Hey Beth,

      thank you for your comment. Small world indeed 🙂 I have fond memories of Swansea. You’re welcome to cite my essay if you find it helpful. If you write about Emyr Humphreys, there is also a good doctoral thesis at Swansea university library which I also used for my essay.

      Best wishes,

  2. Greetings Hannah!

    I am an undergraduate student at the University of Cape Town.
    I want to use some of your work here for an essay I am writing at the moment which is on Less Than Zero. However I do not know if it has been published or what are the conventions for citing this work. Would you be able to help?


    • Hi Rowan,

      you’re very welcome to cite my work in your essay. You can download the PDF file for free; it hasn’t been published anywhere else. Just follow your university’s citation guidelines for internet sources, name me as the author and give the URL where you found the file. Hope that helps.

      Best wishes,

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